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KGC Reflects The History Of Korean Ginseng Industry

In 1899, the Korean government brought forth an organization, whose purpose was to nurture the national ginseng industry. This governmental organization became the progenitor of KGC, and that is why KGC and its CheongKwanJang Brand is the genuine heir of Korea’s ginseng legacy.

KGC will never neglect to keep CheongKwanJang’s reputation as the World’s No. 1 Ginseng Brand.



The beginning of a time-honored tradition | 1899 – 1952

The year 1899 marked the starting point of the history of Korean Red Ginseng. That was the year Samjungkwa was established as the forerunner of Korea Ginseng Corporation.

1899 – Samjungkwa established under Naejangwon in Gungnaebu of the Korean Empire (in the 36th year of the reign of Emperor Gojong)

1908 – Korean Red Ginseng Monopoly Law (the 14th law of the Korean Empire) enacted and promulgated

1928 – Korean Red Ginseng Mark declared

1951 – Elevation Office of Monopoly


Construction of Korean Ginseng Factory | 1956 – 1978

The promotion of Samjungkwa to the Office of Monopoly gave the Korean Red Ginseng industry a new impetus. After a Korean Red Ginseng factory was built in Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, the industry began exporting ginseng products to overseas markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Built on the success of these exports, Korean Ginseng Factory was constructed in 1978 as the largest of its kind in the world.

1960 – Export of Korean Red Ginseng products to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand

1967 – Export of Korean Red Ginseng products to Japan

Export of Korean Red Ginseng products to the Middle East

1978 – World-largest Korean Ginseng Factory constructed in Buyeo-gun


Expansion into the international market | 1981 – 1995

Korean ginseng shined in the global market, leading to an astonishing $100 million in ginseng exports in 1978. Later, the Office of Monopoly was converted to the Korea Monopoly Corporation, then eventually re-established as the Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation (KT&G,) the forerunner of KGC. In 1991, KT&G opened an overseas branch in Hong Kong, gaining a firm foothold for further international expansion.

1981 – Korean Red Ginseng Monopoly Law amended to Ginseng Business Act

1987 – Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute launched

$100 million in ginseng exports recorded, the Korea Monopoly Corporation created

Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation established


Opening a new chapter | 1999 – 2003

In 1999, the Korea Ginseng Corporation spun off of KT&G as a separate company, taking its first steps as a health food brand, specializing in Korean red ginseng. KGC’s strong will to emerge as independent operation, paired with the public’s faith in Korean Red Ginseng, made this bold venture possible.

1999 – Korea Ginseng Corporation launched

An overseas branch opened in Taiwan

2000 – Selected as Korea’s Millennium Product

2001 – Selected as a World-Class Product of Korea

2003 – An overseas branch opened in the U.S.


Successful launch of franchises | 2004 – 2012

Since its launch in 2004, CheongKwanJang has been actively and intimately caring for the health of consumers. Backed by the overwhelming trust of our customers, CheongKwanJang successfully entered the market and has firmly maintained its status as a premium Korean Red Ginseng brand ever since. It is now aiming to make a name for itself as a global general health & wellness brand.

2004 – CheongKwanJang launched as a franchise

2009 – Taiwanese, Chinese, and the US branches converted to corporations

2010 – Good BASE launched

2012 – Japanese branch converted to a corporation

Won a presidential award for exports in the agriculture, fishery and forestry industries

Ranked first in the Korea Brand Power Index (K-BPI)

Won the Korea First Brand Award


Leaping forward as a global general health & wellness brand | 2013 –

Having secured the successful launch of our franchises, KGC will endeavor to create synergy among them, and reinvent ourselves as a global, general health & wellness brand.

2013 – Won the K-BPI for the 7th consecutive year

Certified to ISO 22000

2014 – Designated as Ginseng Saponin Data Center

Acquired Halal Food Certificate

2015 – Certified as “the World’s No. 1 Ginseng Brand”

Held a ceremony for the completion of the 2nd Korean ginseng factory at Wonju-si

2016 – Became the first health food company to record 1 trillion in sales

Opened Café Sapoon Sapoon


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